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Live at ONCE Somerville 5.24.2018


released July 11, 2018

All music by Sapling
All lyrics by Amber and Rainy
Recorded on some sort of Tascam 4-track.
Photo by Mark Davis


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Sapling Massachusetts

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Track Name: Everything Was Better
Let’s go back to 1986 when everything was better (Everything was better)
Everything was better (Back to the Future)
Everything was better
Let’s go back to the fall of Rome when everything was better (Everything was better)
Everything was better (Everything was fire)
Everything was better

Let’s go back to Attila the Hun when everything was bigger (Everything was bigger)
The walls were way bigger (Tremendous! Yuge!)
Everything was bigger
Let’s go back to Home Alone II when everything was better (Tim Curry was a butler)
He was a concierge (But he looked like a butler)
He wasn’t a butler! (But he looked like a butler…)

Let’s go back to the USSR when Putin was a baby (A shitty little baby)
A coddled little baby (How lucky you are)
You’re gonna be a TV star
Let’s go back to 1994 when everything was better (Everything was better)
In Seattle with a sweater (Fuck Eddie Vedder)
Yeah, fuck Eddie Vedder
Let’s go back to 1957 when everything was better (Golden Age Apocalypse)
Leaving it to Beaver (Everything was better)
Everything was better
Track Name: Stoop Kid
Keep your pets
Off my vagrant steps
I'll chew your noose
Just don't set them loose
You break your back
But you can't get your facts straight
I'm not afraid
Go ahead make my day

So get the fuck off my stoop

Throw a pity party
I can be real naughty
Just don't tell your dad
He won't invite me back
So keep your mind on the prize
Cross your Is
Don't step on the cracks
Or you'll break mothers back

Get the fuck off my stoop

Vinyl things
Eat my alienable rights
I see there's blood on your sleeve
But I can't help the bereaved
I'm at the end of my bottle and
Can't be bothered
So take your pets
Get off my vagrant steps
Track Name: Bikini BDRK
Daughter of a rebel mother
Mary revolutionary
Mistress of a thousand nights
The burden hand was hers to carry
Sister of the nemesis
Resistance isn’t just a test
Virgin birth of Icarus
Goddess bitch of incest

Kill... Kill!!!
Bikini…. Body
Amber rambles
Bikini… Diet
Amber rambles
Bikini… Ready
Amber rambles
Kill… Kill… KILL!!!

Whiter than a prom queen
Redder than a rose
Keep on asking Alice
But we both know how it goes
Fondly haunting debutantes
With books above their nose
Shoes and ships and sealing wax
Unraveling her bows
Track Name: Jackson Pollock, Cartographer
Love your neighbor like a Christian
Love yourself like an atheist
Love your brother like a brother
Love your lover like little fish

I heard you got a secret
Bet you wonder how I knew
Well it's a really funny story
And only half of it is true

Lick your lips just like a lizard
It's the only thing I see
You got one finger on the trigger
And the other ones on me

I think there's blood again
Still we're all as white as day
I keep on looking for the sunlight
But all I ever see is grey
Track Name: I'm Sorry You Feel That Way
Stephen Malkmus, Andrew Falkous
Coincidence? Yes.
I'm sorry you feel that way
We're breaking lots of stuff, like our hearts and our guitars
I'm sorry you feel that way

What did you let her do?
And what did it mean to you?
The irony is palpable, you condescending bitch
What did you let her do?

What? Nothing.
What? Nothing.
What? Nothing.
What? Nothing.

We're in the shell, we're back in hell
We're back where we began
The writing's on the wall
We're back where we began but it gets darker every day
I'm sorry you feel that way

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